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Birthdate:Jun 24
But there was something I wanted besides that; something as simple as to ache in the literal heart and chest for all of us who have lost ourselves as parents lose children, to the horizon which is finally only overtaken in remorse and in death.
(from Panama, by Thomas McGuane, a terrible little book, I have heard...)

Communion gives us warmth. Singleness gives us Light.
In this world one is Abraxas, the Creator and Destroyer of one's world.
At immeasurable distance standeth one single Star at the Zenith.
This Star is the God and Goal of Humanity.
(pieces of Jung's Seventh Sermon to the Dead. He who wants to be reborn must first destroy a world.)

Show me a prison;
Show me a jail;
Show me a prison man,
With his face a-growing pale,
And I'll show you a young man,
With so many reasons why.

And there but for fortune,
May go you or I.

(Phil Ochs)

What does it mean: to lose a war?

I'm in Slytherin!
This journal contains adult material.
I am not Severus Snape. I am not Alan Rickman. I am not Alec Hopkins.
I do not own Severus, Alan nor Alec, nor any thing nor person from the 'Harry Potter' universe. I make no money from this journal, which is written by and for adults.

I am accredited as a beta on Perfect Imagination. If you would like me to beta your work, please feel free to ask about this.

My twitter is VerusJanus.

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